2011 Lincoln MKZ - engine speed dropped

driving no warning engine speed drops to idle 600 rpm step on gas no response turn ignition off and restart car operated ok instrument panel showed a wrench no engine ck light.

The wrench icon indicates a problem with the electronic throttle system.


Electronic throttle means there’s no mechanical connection between the gas pedal and the engine’s throttle valve. Done electronically instead. Driver steps on the gas pedal, movement is read by a computer monitoring an electronic sensor attached to gas pedal. Computer then commands engine throttle valve to move in the more open direction correspondingly, using an electric motor. Remember awhile back, quite a few reports of unintended accelerations? To prevent that sort of thing there’s multiple redundancies in the throttle system, so good chance something related to that safety system. One idea, engine off, using a flashlight, take a close look under the dash in the gas pedal area, see any wires/connectors that have come loose? Anything that looks like it has broken? Problem could also be with engine throttle valve actuator motor, or associated wiring/fuses.

I’m thinking there’s dirt/deposits in the intake. A broken wire would more likely stop the throttle from working at all.

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