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2011 Lexus ES 350 - Dirty door

accumulated black scum on fuel door.

That is odd. Please let us know what caused that.

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I just do not understand why there are so many posts like this . If you are going to take the time to log on this site or others why not provide some context.
Is it on the door only - will it clean off - inside or outside of door - does it feel solid or like liquid - if it does clean off how long before it is back — Curious minds want to know.


I see a number of cars around having black mold growing in abundance around the fuel door.
Usually, it is accompanied by the rest of the car in the state of “when God wants this car washed, he sends a rain”.
I guess fuel door helps trapping the moisture, so more mold grows in the area.

Small fuel spills will cause dirt and dust to stick to the area. Somehow it makes the surface a little sticky. I have that problem occasionally on my truck. Washing the area w/soap and warm water is the remedy.

open the fuel door the next time it rains.