2011 Kia Sorento - Some things work on and off

KIA sore to 2011 193,000 miles headlines, windows, air conditioner intermittently stop working


Do all the above stop working at the same time or different times?? And what about the A/C stops working?? Stops blowing cold air, or stops blowing anything at all??

When do they start working again, after hitting a bump in the road? after restarting the vehicle??

Give us as much info as you can, and have you had any resent work done on the vehicle??

Might want to watch autocorrect… lol… at least prof read…

A 12 year old car w/193K miles will need more repairs than a newer car. Just the facts of car-life. Suggest to hire a good, well-recommended shop to get each of these problems fixed. Start with a general inspection. No need to fix all the issues on the general inspection report at once, decide which is the most important and start on that. Cooler temps are approaching (presuming OP is in northern hemisphere), so the A/C problem is probably one that can be deferred.