2011 Kia Sorento - Computer Locked

2011 Kia Sorento hasn’t been driven in over six months. Now the computer is locked and I was told the computer needs to be reflashed but I don’t know how to get the codes needed. I know someone who has the scanner.

Who told you the computer is locked? Will the car start? Or is the battery just dead?

We put a new battery in and it immediately drained. I was told by a mechanic that Kia’s computer will lock down if the car is not driven for 6 months. The car is dead. The Kia dealership said they could reflash the computer with codes and a scanner but it would cost over 100.00. I have access to the scanner but don’t know how to get the codes.

Never heard of that before. But then again never owned a KIA. To me, if this is true, it’s a good reason not to buy a KIA.

A battery draining immediately after installation is highly unusual, you would have the cables get extremely hot, like melting hot. Are you sure the battery was fully charged when installed? If the battery drained over a few hours you need to find the source of the drain and fix that first. My sons battery died recently and it was due to a failed alternator. Found that out quickly when we installed a new battery and smoke came out of the alternator. Disconnected the battery and put in a new alternator, but that is a different story for a different thread.


This diagnosis seems very suspect to me. Even if the computer “locked” (which I doubt, as there are many people who split time between summer and winter homes and leave cars sitting for this long), it wouldn’t cause an immediate battery drain. Can you find a different mechanic for a second opinion here?

Just for clarification- if you have a OBD/DTC scanner, these are not sufficient to reflash a ECM/PCM (cars computer.) For the flash update, you have to have access to proprietary Kia software- and they don’t just let anyone have that.

Try the advice in @SteveCBT 's link and go from there. If the computer does indeed need reflashed, you may be able to get it done cheaper at a parts house if they have the capabilities to reflash computers (not all can do that.) BUT, I seriously doubt that a ECM/PCM reflash is what you actually need. That would be an extremely poor manufacturer design.


You need to find another mechanic. None of this makes sense.