Resetting 2012 Kia Forte computer for a smog check

by disconnecting the batter wont it require that car be driven several hundred miles to reset the computer for a smog check?

Generally, yes.

Disconnecting the battery will not clear the history in the ECU. It will only clear the pending codes that are present. Disconnecting the battery will…on some vehicles…throw a code that the battery was recently disconnected and you will still have to do the drive cycles.

The Computer clears itself of codes by drive cycles. This is a combination of miles driven, but also many other data that the ECU receives. Engine starts, engine shut downs, proper operating temperature, etc. etc… I even think that the transmission needs to go through all gears.


Here’s the drive cycle that resets the readiness monitors.


When I wrote my short little answer I felt like I was channeling a Magic Eight Ball. Thanks for more detailed, professional answers, @Yosemite and @Tester

Heck I like @Tester 's answer better than my own.