2011 Jeep Compass - Rusted frame

My 2011 Jeep Compass has both front & rear sub frames full of rust holes. Will Chrysler cover this?

You can ask but don’t get your hopes up . No one on the web will have the exact answer .

Probably not. The corrosion warranty was 3 years unlimited mileage. https://www.jeep.com/crossbrand/warranty/pdf/2011%20%20Jeep%20%202nd%20Ed%20%20FINAL%20%20072210.pdf AFAIK the warranty was extended for “crossmembers” on 2007 models but that’s it. https://autos.yahoo.com/news/jeep-compass-patriot-dodge-caliber-145004622.html#:~:text=Jeep%20Compass%20%2F%20Patriot%2C%20Dodge%20Caliber%20Get%20Extended%20Warranty%20For%20Rust,-article&text=with%20rusting%20crossmembers.-,In%20those%20vehicles%2C%20some%20structural%20crossmembers%20are%20prone%20to%20rust,-belt-states%20and%20Canada.

The warranty has been extended to ten years to cover the cross member corrosion issue on vehicles in Canada and “salt belt” states, see bulletin;


Note the bulletin applies to vehicles built before Jan. 24, 2012 so you might check the VIN tag on the door jam to see what the production month and year is.

There is little chance of a 2011 vehicle to have been manufactured in 2012.

If this vehicle was put into service before September 14, 2010 the warranty has expired.