Liftgate rust

Hey guys,

My 2007 Chryler minivan’s liftgate is showing a rust stain under the inside bottom edge where the outer panel wraps and meets the inner panel. It seems a common problem with Chrysler’s I hear. The van only has 20,000 miles on it and is garage kept. Is there a way to stop the rust? Can I clean it, apply navel jelly, then clean and seal it someway? I’m retired and was hoping this van would last until they take away my keys. Thanks Donn

You should have a corrosion warranty on your Chrysler. Check into it, then take it to a dealer.

Thanks but I’m told that the 5 year warranty only covers rust through. It must have a “hole” to be eligible. I doubt it will rust through by December of 2011. I can only hope??

Ever heard the saying; “Rust never sleeps”?
That’s what you’re up against.
The best product I have found for combating rust is POR-15.
It works as advertised.
I used their entire process on collector cars I restored.
I got lazy and just slapped the paint on some rusted parts/panels over 20 years ago and they haven’t rusted since.

If you can get to the rusting areas, you have a chance. Rust “stains” seem to indicate that it is rusting in a hidden area and draining out over a visible part. You have to have access to the rusting parts to slow down the process…

Sounds like a plan. Can’t hurt to try, right? Thanks for the advice.

Chrysler somestimes will do a 1 time good will warranty. The only way to get rid of the rust is to open the seam and clean the rust out and use POR15 just as twinturbo stated.

Thanks for your comments.