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2011 Hyundai Elantra phantom automatic transmission problem = harsh shifting

Hey Kapoho, Were replacing the parts covered under the warranty?

Hi Nawras,

I’m so sorry to hears the same situation is happening with your Elantra. I ended up trading my 2011 Elantra in for a 2015 Toyota Camry, losing $1,000’s by taking this step. But I was recovering from major back surgery and couldn’t deal with continuing stress hassling with Hyundai for problems way too many other owners have with these vehicles - with no end in sight for Hyundai to replace transmissions which should have been the solution according to all the similar problems I found on-line.

The repairs they are doing on your vehicle are identical repairs/replacements made on my Elantra, including checking condition of trans fluid and replacing it. Hyundai paid entire bill which I had made sure of before authorizing the work. It “seemed” to take care of the shifting problems but without keeping the vehicle longer, I don’t know if the improvements were effective long term. These repairs were what the Car Talk pros who responded to my posting and they knew what they were talking about.

Originally the shop told me it would cost $400 to pull the trans pan to check the fluid especially to see if there was any debris in the fluid … jerks!

About a month after those repairs, the surging and near dying of the engine started, including over-heating and that was the final straw for me. Again, the shop kept the car a couple of days with the mech driving it to/from the shop and he did not have duplication of the problem.

I was totally exhausted and frustrated with the situation and started looking to purchase a reliable new vehicle. So far the Camry has been okay. But it cost me a pile of money but at least for the time being I have peace of mind.

Please let me know how your situation turns out, especially if you keep the vehicle.

Sorry for the length of this reply!

Best of luck with Hyundai. Karen

Hi again,

To avoid any confusion, these were the replacements/repairs when the scan “scan showed code SP0713.P0711 and they replaced the transmission temperature sensor per TSB 14-AT-010. Drained and re-filled transmission fluid; parts replaced: harness #46307-3B650; gasket-valve body #45282-26100; fluid which looked okay when drained and no metal found – fluid looked pretty good but was totally replaced.

My question to the shop: why didn’t the scan show this code previously? Why did I have to dig up this information through a Car Talk discussion?

None of this made sense then and totally NONE now, especially since you’re reporting the identical shifting problem I was encountering?