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2011 Honda Pilot - Valve?

I am having a problem with my Honda Pilot EX-L 2011 which is stalling when I am driving at low RPM having combustion problem. I think it could be a clogged valve. Once, I left my gas tank almost empty and could be the injectors dirty. No Check engine is not turning on, and I just changed spark plugs. What do you guys think could be?

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body to see that solves the stalling problem.


I am not sure if your symptom matches this, but Honda Pilots including your year model have a high frequency of engine issues due to a problem with the cylinder deactivation system. Honda extended the warranty on the engine if this ends up being the problem.

What symptoms make you think this is a combustion problem? Which sort of valve do you think might be clogged?

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am thinking this could be a combustion issue caused for a clogged injector because I left the gas really low and after that I started noticing this failure every time I am accelerating between 30 to 40 RPM.

I am gonna check this issue, thanks!

Possibly there’s a clogged injector problem, but unlikely. Running the gas really low can damage the fuel pump though. The fuel provides the cooling effect to keep the pump’s electrical motor cool. So you might have an overheated fuel pump that is now failing . A fuel pressure test is probably the next step. Sometimes this test must be performed while driving the car at the speed the symptoms occur to be diagnostic.

Thanks, I’l keep this possibility in my radar.


One more question, is it normal the failure is only perceived driving at 30-40 RPM, I meant, shouldn’t the pump failures at any other level or continuously?

In your OP you say the problem occurs at low rpm. Please clarify. If you are noticing a sort of shuddering at 30-40 mph, that might be a torque converter problem rather than an engine problem. Google torque converter shudder for more info. You are right that normally when fuel pumps begin to fail, the problem is manifest at higher fuel demands, like when rapidly accelerating or freeway speed driving. But electrical motors can fail in weird ways.

Thank you I really appreciate your feedback. :+1: