2011 Honda CR-V - Sudden Acceleration

I was in accident due to my 2011Honda CR V suddenly accelated from stop after red light has there been other such cases thanks
Parbhushan Sidhu

If your Honda is indeed a 2020 model–as the thread title indicates–then it should go back to the dealer’s service department immediately. If it is a 2011 model–as the text indicates–then you may well be on your own for resolution of the problem. A visit to the dealership service department will reveal whether there might be a recall for this problem. They can put the car’s VIN into their information system in order to determine if there has been a recall.

In any event, whether it is a 2020 model or a 2011 model, I would recommend calling Honda at the corporate level, to see if there are any Technical Service Bulletins regarding this problem. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Please describe in detail exactly what happened

That’s weird. Have you tried going to your dealership?