2011 Honda CR-V - Stalls

I have same problem, stalls, got ecm replaced, still stalling, I wont do it while at the dealer, this is a dangerous issue

The Magic 8 Ball says… TRY AGAIN

what problem?
Won’t do what at the dealer?
what is so dangerous?

Now my crystal ball says… watch this

OP is apparently referring to another post on the website they are using that refers the problem here, but doesn’t understand we folks here at Car Talk Forums can’t see the other post.

I presume however the issue is the OP’s CRV stalls for no apparent reason while driving down the road, on the freeeway, etc. Yes, that is a dangerous problem. And not an uncommon one by the posts we get here, not just on Honda, but on most makes, mostly newer vintages. Neither my 50 year old Ford truck nor my 30 year old Corolla has ever stalled while driving down the road, but my 70’s VW Rabbit did, and it is a seriously unsafe problem to deal with. The Rabbit didn’t use a drivetrain computer, so that’s wasn’t the cause. Instead, fuel wasn’t being delivered to the engine b/c of fuel pump electrical supply problem.

OP, try to convince your shop to first determine if the problem is no fuel, or no spark. Ask if the’ll keep the car there, and let one of their techs use it as their daily driver. Eventually it will stall and the tech will quickly determine the fuel/spark issue on the side of the road. Once that’s know, fix will quickly follow I expect. While they have your CRV, ask if they’ll lend you one of theirs to drive in the meantime.

OP might try the forum search feature here as well, link upper right this page.

Problem: The vehicle stalls for no apparent reason.
Won’t do what: Stall when a mechanic is around.
Why dangerous: A vehicle that stalls in traffic presents a danger to the occupants and others on the same road.

“I have a problem.”
There, I fixed it for you.