What is the smacking noise coming out of my new Civic Transmission?

Everytime we back out of our driveway and shift to drive, the second the car rolls forwrd there is a very loud click or smack eminating from the transmission. I took it to the local dealer who heard it, took it in for service, then gave it back saying it is normal because the other brand new 08 Civics did the same thing. I have owned an Odyssey and an 03 Civic, they didn’t make this obnoxious noise. I am fearful of early tranny failure or at the very lesst, a poor resale value if I was to back up and shift to drive with a perspective buyer.

Please Help.

What is this noise?

Are you stopping completely before shifting?

I suggest you drive another '08 Civic with an automatic transmission and see for yourself whether or not “they all do it.” The dealer probably has at least one on the lot.