2011 Honda Accord SE Aftermarket Installation Issues

I recently had a aftermarket radio installed from Best Buy, and to say the least there was issues. I went back and the installer said that this happens to every Honda sedan that has the same trim and stuff like I have and I’ll have to live with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c0bsgHLV68 I’ve attached a link to showcase the issues, but I was wondering has anyone else ever encountered issues like these for after market installation. Is this something I should have another Best Buy look at because it’ll be free to be fixed but I’m wondering if they are actually being honest.

You need to take it to another Best Buy and hope they will do the installation correctly.

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I believe your video was trying to showcase the fact that the new radio now interferes with the Hvac control buttons, this is because the installer did not trim the radio properly and or they did not use a support in the back of the radio. So… in essence the radio was pushed into the dash and it is sagging in the back which twists the radio in the dash to point in an upward direction.

Installers are supposed to check these things before handing back a vehicle. You could take it back to another store or just pull out the radio yourself and see if you can trim the plastic so it allows use of your buttons or see if the tail of the radio is sagging toward the floor and needs a support to hold it level.

I used to be an installer of such products back in the day, I was on the high end of the install spectrum however, back when these sorts of things were in demand. So I can recognize other installer mistakes from 10 ft away. This would have never been given back to the customer in this condition by a good technician. This install is easy compared to how complex they can get.


If it has proven to be problematic time after time, then why does Best Buy (which rarely HAS “the best buy”…) continue to install aftermarket radios in those Honda models? I call BS on that pathetic excuse.

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It seems like you’d be right in expecting the installer (or somebody there at the time) would tell you that information, and ask if you still wanted to continue w/the installation. If they didn’t I’d say you have a valid customer complaint. This problem may be impossible to solve, can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip sort of thing, so your only remedy may be to ask them to undo what they did and refund the purchase & installation price.