2011 Ford Fusion power steering failure

I have a 2011 Ford Fusion that the power steering has failed. My question is am i going to hurt anything by driving it to the repair facility with the power steering not working?

Thank You

You have electronic power steering assist. Its not a good idea to drive this car anywhere.Tow it to the repair shop.There is a recall on certain 2011 Ford Fusion steering racks.

Your question should be “can I hurt anyBODY by driving it to the repair facility without the power steering working.”
The answer is that you just might. If an evasive maneuver becomes unexpectedly necessary, a power steering system that doesn’t work could easily result in a serious crash.

Have it towed. Don’t take the risk.

There is a recall that applies to certain 2011 Ford Fusion vehicles on the electric power steering unit.

You can enter your VIN at the Ford site to check for incomplete recalls;

Or call your dealer with the VIN, if this vehicle is involved in the recall Ford might pay for the towing.