2011 Ford Fusion - check fuel filler

check fuel filler shows on my dash board. There isn’t any cap on the fill tube ,

This model doesn’t use a fuel cap. This light means there is a vapor leak in your EVAP system. Could be leak somewhere on your fuel tank, or somewhere in the hoses or componants that bring fuel vapors from your gas tank to your engine. Look for loose or unconnected hoses in the engine compartment. Otherwise a mechanic can find the leak with a test.

I had the same thing on my 2011 Ford Fusion. What I did was put a little WD40, or ignition cleaner in the fuel filler area where you fill up with gas, and you should have a funnel that came with the car, it should be in the trunk under the floor mat. Use that to push the valve for the fuel filler open and close a good 20-30 times. Worked for me

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