2011 Ford F250 EGR question

I own a 2011 F250 Diesel pickup with 179,000 miles. The truck does everything I want it to do and has been very reliable to date. At approximately 166k, emissions components began to fail. I have no changed the EGR cooler and 3 sensors in the tailpipe. A lot of my friends have installed EGR Delete kits and programmers to avoid having additional issues. My question is - can I expect reasonable reliability from this point forward keeping the stock EGR controls. I’ve heard horror stories about repair costs and I’m concerned about reliability when on the road. I appreciate your response.

Does your car have an emissions inspection program for your diesel truck?

If it does, I advise against the egr delete kit and revised programming

You don’t want to be the poor sap who fails for tampering

My state does not have emissions testing.