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2011 Ford Escape Hybrid - rolls forward n reverse

My 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid will occasionally turn itself off just after I shift from Park to Reverse. The green drive light is on, I shift, check for clearance behind me, take my foot off the brake and rather than reversing, the car rolls forward. The green light is off, I am in R. Fortunately I haven’t rolled into my fence of anything else but only because I’ve actions quick enough to prevent disaster!
The Ford service advisors haven’t ever heard of this problem and can’t get it to duplicate while the car is in their shop.
Any ideas, suggestions will be appreciated!

Anytime I am on an incline I use my left foot on the brake while applying the gas pedal just so I don’t roll. You may have just enough of an incline that the vehicle will not move at idle like it would on level ground.

This problem only happens when the gas engine isn’t on, so there isn’t any sound to alert me to the problem. I’ve been in almost level parking lots and the same thing has happened. I don’t think the problem is associated with the ‘incline’. It also happens when the car is warm. Thanks for your FAST response!

How do you get it to eventually work correctly?

Still happens at random times… not corrected.

Have you tried the left foot method. I do that in my garage also so I don’t goof up and put the thing in drive by mistake and roll into the refrigerator.

I park outside on a 10* incline in my driveway on a street that is used all day long by kids and parents walking to a nearby school to say nothing of dogs being walked and other traffic in the street itself.

The green light indicating that the car’s electric engine is engaged and goo to go; I shift into reverse, another indicator that the engine is on. The back camera is on and shows the area immediately behind is clear. But i’m ‘Old School’ and want to see that i’m Good to good to go.

All indicators are good.

Foot off brake onto gas, expecting to move backward… but no!

The f-ing thing is rolling forward toward the fence.

Hit the brake, say a few, several, unkind words about the car and Ford in general.

Shift back into Park and repeat the process.

I don’t see how having my left foot on the brake would have helped unless I had also checked that the green light was on… but then I would have to repeat the process of checking for clearance.

I would like to have the problem solved rather than working around it.

I seriously doubt the dealer is going to do anything. And if you are unwilling to find a ’ work around ’ then I suggest you trade vehicles.

Edit-- The left foot on brake is like using a clutch . You have left foot on brake pedal and ease on the accelerator pedal while releasing brake pedal pressure and you can control your movement .

If the ready light goes out and you have to restart the vehicle there seems to be an electrical problem, the challenge will be finding that problem if there are no fault codes store when the problem occurred.