Lexus R350 - Rolling Backwards?

I purchased a brand new automatic Lexus R350 with 2WD. I live in a very hilly area and when I go to a stop sign on an incline and take my foot off of the brake to press on the gas to move forward I start rolling backwards without ever stopping. I called the dealer and the head of the service department of the dealership and both of them told me that this is normal and that I need to use two feet to move forward - one on the brake and one on the gas at the same time - much like using a clutch on a manual car. Is this really normal or am I being had? I also have a 2004 Honda CR-V and when I am on the same hill at the same stop sign and take my foot off of the break pedal I stay still. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly aprreciated.

Many Thanks.

Many new cars with automatic transmissions do this. It’s normal, or at least it is now. Newer transmissions don’t exert as much drag on the engine as they used to, which increases fuel mileage.

Yeah, Your Lexus is doing what it is supposed to do.