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2011 Ford Edge - Suspension jerks

I just had the front and rear shocks and struts replaced in my 2011 Ford Edge. I also had new tires put on the vehicle and the rear drivers side brake pads and rotor replaced. Total cost was $2600. When I drove my car home, the front left portion of the car jerked rapidly when I hit 40 mph. Almost like when a gust of wind hits the car. It does feel like it’s coming from the left front wheel. This has never occurred before, it only started after the body shop performed the repairs. The car is back at the body shop because it just isn’t safe to drive. Any ideas as to what’s causing this?

Did you have a 4 wheel alignment too? If it wasn’t done, it should be.

So why was the vehicle in the body shop?


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They did something wrong. And I wouldn’t replace one side’s brakes, do them in pairs.

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Yes alignment was done.

It’s possible your brakes are grabbing if that left rear brake job was done badly.


Take it back to the repair shop, describe the problem, and maybe take them out for a drive if it does this reliably. That way they can’t say it didn’t do it for them, a common excuse.