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2011 Ford Edge-lights

I recently purchased a 2011 Ford Edge with the My-Touch control system. I am planning on taking it to music festivals where I “camp” in and around my vehicle. Some of the lights go on every time a door or hatch is opened. As I am in and out of the vehicle day and night, is there a way to disable this feature? The manual doesn’t seem to address this, and the dealeership wasn’t much help. I ask mostly because of lights bothering me and others, but am a little concerned about battery drain. It could be up to a week without starting or driving. I do turn the headlights off, but others (inside and out) come on.

Owner’s manual will identify which fuse to pull.
Mark it clearly to make it easier in the future as well.

You might be able to turn it off through the My-Touch system. You’ll have to check the manual. If My-Touch is anything like the Sync in my office’s fleet cars, the option will be buried somewhere in a submenu in the most illogical place possible. :wink:

I had considered pulling a fuse or fuses, but the dealership tech dissuaded me, saying too many things would be disabled. The manual goes the other way. It looks like a different fuse for each different set of lights. (What are “demand” and “puddle” lights?) I guess I’ll just have to start pulling fuses and see what each shuts off.

Puddle lights are the ones pointing down that turn on when you open the doors, illuminating any puddle you might be stepping into. I guessing ‘demand’ lights are like map lights and the makeup light that you turn on when you want it on, unlike the dome light. I guess…

Thanks for the info on “puddle” lights. That was my guess on “demand” lights, also. I’ll try and find out this weekend.

Removing the bulbs is another option. They’re usually pretty easy to remove, and doing so will do no harm.

I’ve removed bulbs before on another vehicle. There are a lot of bulbs involved in this, many front and rear non-headlight bulbs. Didn’t really want to go that route, if possible. The My-Touch screen also lights up, but I’ll probably just live with that.

You used to be able to just tape the plunger switch closed on the door frame, so that the car didn’t know the door was open. Those days are gone, I guess.

And with some cars (like Toyota), there was a switch on the dome light you could set to ‘off’.

On my car (not a Ford though) you can turn the dimmer for the dash lights all the way down until it clicks and the interior lights won’t be activated when you open the door. See if your Edge has this feature.