2011 Ford Edge brakes

My wife’s 2011 Ford Edge has been experiencing brake problems that started about a year ago. She hit a curb pulling into a driveway and the brake pedal went to the floor. The first time that happened, the problem self corrected within a few hours. The second and third times involved potholes and did not self correct. Ultimately we took the car to local mechanics who found nothing wrong but bled the ABS system which seems to temporarily solve the problem. I have been on line looking for similar occurances and although several were noted, there appeared to be no solution other than agreeing it was not the brake master cylinder. One post suggested backing in reverse at 10-15 mph and pouncing on the brakes to “reset” the ABS. I have not tried that. I am worried we are driving a car that might lose its brakes at a critical point. Any suggestions?

Sam, Don’t do that, it will not “reset” anything. I think it is an ABS problem and not a master cylinder problem. But just to eliminate other possibilities, make sure all the wheel bearings are tight and have no play side to side or top to bottom. Only smooth turning. If you find a loose bearing, it can knock the caliper piston back and cause a long brake pedal stroke.

As for an ABS problem, a technician should road-test the car with a scanner so that they can verify all sensors are reading properly.

Based on this, I’d have the booster checked as well;

Thank you for your fast response. I will try your suggestions.

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