2011 Dodge Journey transmission trouble

car transmission races like crazy in forward and reverse, but doesn’t go very fast, I can only drive it close (afraid of breaking down for good) but driving it a block and back it seems like it doesn’t shift in higher gears, but why does reverse do the same thing?
I have a 2009 journey that has a bad engine, I wonder if the transmission is broken for good, I can put the 2009 transmission in the 2011.
any thoughts would be helpful, the car isn’t worth a lot, I don’t want to spend a lot fixing it


Do you mean that the engine is racing, but that the vehicle doesn’t move very fast?
If that is the case, then there is severe slippage taking place in the transmission, and it is probably not long for this world. But… have you at least checked the level of the trans fluid, and replenished it if it is low?

As to the compatibility of the 2009 Journey trans with the 2011 Journey’s engine, they are probably compatible, but I can’t say that for sure.

A Dodge dealership should be able to tell you if the transmissions are interchangable. If they are, do yourself a favor, replace the front seal on the transmission and the rear seal on the transmission.