2011 Dodge Challenger interior smells!

just bought a 2011 challenger rt with 61000 miles the interior is black leather and it has a weird smell, dealer says its the leather smells like old oil any ideas thanks

Yeah, ignore that dealer because he’s trying to get out of re-cleaning the car he just sold you. Try to get them to clean the leather and likely the carpet, too. If they won’t do it, there are detailers that will, for a price. The smell comes from something. That something needs to be cleaned.

You might also have the air filter for the HVAC replaced. This thing below is for your car. They can collect a lot of stink in 7 years if they aren’t replaced. And this is NOT the engine air filter, it is for the ventilation system.


If the smell was present when test drive was made why purchase it?

Look for evedience of water, this car may have been in a flood, the stink never comes out and
the electronics tend to fail early.