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Help my car reeks

My 2005 nissan frontier reeks bad

heres the deal:

  1. Has new air filters and new cabin filters
  2. only seems to smell when driving at 55mph for about 20 minutes, the funk comes from the vents and in all heat/ac and fan modes
  3. seems to be less stinky in the winter
  4. no nothing is dead in the heater box beause it does not stink in when driving around town and I have puored gallons of lysol down the air intake during recic, open vent, etc,
    1. smells like a mix of eggs, oil and funk.
  5. dealership says it is not the catalytic converters as they “check out fine”

Nissan dealership says its bad gas, whcih is unlikely as when I drive away from home and I use other gas, it still smells.
so what is it??

help find this stink!!! what is it?!!

Do you use synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic oil leaking out and burning on the exhaust manifold smells mighty bad. It can do that for a long time before you ever see a drip on the ground.

If it smells distinctively of rotten eggs, that is hydrogen sulfide and it does come from sulfur in your gasoline, but you should not be able to smell it in the car unless you have a problem with exhaust gas getting into the cabin, which would not be good.

Thanks but then it would stink when drivibg around town even after the engine is hot. And it does not do this. Any other ideas?

It seems to smell more on deceleration after hard driving

So when exactly does it stink, if it doesn’t stink when you’re driving it around but does stink at 55mph?

I’ll suggest it is something electrical. It could be a relay, solenoid, small motor, bad connector or a wire hitting something hot. It could be under the hood or under the dash. Other than spending a lot of time looking around I have no advice for tracking it down. If it is electrical something will eventually fail. Then it will be easy to find.

It does not stink when driving at 40 mph

But does at 55 mph and upon deceleration from such speeds

The exhaust manifold looks clean. No drips nor dies the engine bay smell

I’ll stay with my original suggestion for two reasons. Your description of the smell as “a mix of eggs, oil and funk” immediately reminded me, for those of us old enough to remember, the smell of burning; Bakelite, old TV power transformers, or fluorescent ballasts. Plus, I recently had a similar, but not as consistent, problem with my car. Over a period of weeks I would get an occasional whiff of burning plastic. Long story short, it turned out that the EGR valve was sticking open. The smell was the solenoid melting. It is possible your problem is similar.