2011 Dodge Caliber

So I wrote once before about my car’s transmission going out. My car dealer worked with me. I buy the part and he will handle the labor. What else should I look for with this kind of vehicle? Idk much about cars new or used. I’m just trying to keep my job and keep a roof over my kids’ head. My dad died and my husband just passed. I’m all by myself and due to COVID my funds are critically low. I just would like to know what to look forward too as I’m afraid I’ll have another breakdown but I need this car to work out for a while. Thanks in advance!

There is no way to predict what failure may come next. This is not a particularly well built car that has over 130K miles on it. It is already near the end of its useful life.

Save your money as best you can for a new car. When a major repair is needed… $2000 or so, walk away from it.


I can’t predict what will break next, but I can suggest that you make sure that you check the fluids and tire pressures regularly and that you keep up on required maintenance.

That’s a great advise.

I wanted to add only one thing: when selecting the replacement down the road, spare some time to do your own research so you avoid the brands/models which are likely to be lesser reliable and/or require expensive maintenance. This test will disqualify most (if not all) European makes for example.

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As @lion9car said, keep up with maintenance, especially if you need the SUV for work. Check your oil every time you getting gas. You don’t have to do it at the gas station, but if they have paper towels, you won’t have to use your own. Check tire pressure every couple of weeks and look closely at the tire tread and sidewalls. You don’t want to have a blowout. When the wear bars are even with the tread, get new ones. That gives you more control over the cost.