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2008 Dodge Caliber - worth fixing?

Have 2008 Dodge Caliber see a lot of people having multiple problems with throttle control lots of repairs since 110,000 miles is it worth fixing or better off getting new car and never going back to a dodge product obviously recalls should of been made on this vehicle please advise

The Dodge Caliber was one of the worst cars I’ve ever driven. And I’ve driven a LOT of cars. Not known for its reliability either. My advice would be to dump that car as fast as you can.

Not a fan of any Fiat-Chrysler product but that’s me.

Punctuation helps the readability of posts, FWIW.


Thanks for the reply after more looking gotta believe your right, good bye dodge products about 5,000 in repairs to late

I rented one on a ski trip in Utah about a decade ago. Mine had less than 600 miles on the clock, and already had noticeable rattles. The CVT was garbage, it was slow, the interior material quality was somehow worse than my 2003 Mustang, but it did return 30+ MPG despite me flogging it in the mountains. Appalling car overall though

$5000 in repairs? Wow, I guess if you have to pay for someone else to repair your car, it really adds up.

I don’t think I have spent $5000 in repair total in my lifetime. Of course, because our cars rust out so quickly here, you can get good engines and transmissions very reasonably. The best way is to find one that still runs and someone wants to junk.

Well, yeah. I have a vehicle at the shop now, needs $2600 worth of brakes. Customer’s only question is how soon can it be ready.

But in answer to the original question…only you can decide if you enjoy the car enough to keep maintaining it. But objectively speaking the Caliber was a pretty low caliber vehicle as far as quality, durability, and reliability.

$2600 in brakes? I’d guess it needs more than just brake pads… or it’s a Rolls Royce…:smile:

Nope. It’s a Ford. Actually it’s an E350 1 ton with full floating rear axles. Driver let the rear brakes go so long they weren’t just grinding anymore, the inboard pad fell out so the pistons were directly on the rotor. Also had a blown axle hub seal, fouling the brake shoes. With the rears in such bad shape the fronts were working extra hard–enough to turn the rotors blue and bind up a caliper. So essentially a complete brake system with new axle seals.

There’s a throttle related tsb, 18-019-08 , reprogramming (re-flashing) some of the car’s software. If you haven’t had that done yet, worth a try probably. Can’t speak to whether your car is better to keep or to fix. You either have to pay to get it fixed, or pay for another car. You will be paying either way. Just depends on the amounts which is the better choice.