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2011 crown victoria or 2012 ford fiesta

My daughter in completing collage in the spring need to get her a new car, the 2 models are at both ends of the stick but the price of a 2011 crown Victoria with 30,000 miles is less than the price of a 2012 Ford Fiesta with same mileage. So the question is not putting into account the fuel mileage which car will last the longest. And have the least amount of problems, we live in an area with with a lot of dirt roads and pot holes and it seems these little cars just do not hold up very well.
The Crown Vic’s I am looking at were $29,000 to $35,000 cars a few years ago.

Daughter will be happy with eather car.

The Crown Victoria will likely last longer and take bad roads a lot better better. The Fiesta has no frame and a very bad bump will result in expensive repars or a write-off. The Fiesta has a troublesome 2 clutch transmission and because of its size is harder to work on. Mechanics love these big cars with lots of elbow room.

That was my thinking to, last of the full frames cars. She is in law enforcement so the Crown Vic may have a upperhand in choice.

Another question: Out of all the diffrent auto warranty, cutting thru the fine print who’s is best and covers the most for the longest time.

There are good reasons why Crown Vics are cop cars and taxi cabs – they are built like tanks, last forever (with proper maintenance), easy and cheap to fix and parts are everywhere. Fleets love them because of the short down time when they break or need service. Plus --it’s rear wheel drive compared to the wrong wheel drive Fiesta.

The Vic is Twice the the car the Fiesta is…I live in a remote part of Mexico for 9 months of the year and I have depended upon the reliability, strength and repairability of the “Panther” platform Fords (Vic, Marq, Town). A little cumbersome around town, (you get used to it) but they are unequaled on the open road… It’s one of the few passenger cars that can take the pounding of unimproved, wash-boarded, dirt roads…The drive-line is shared with the F-150 P/U and is bullet-proof. I get 19 mpg in town and 26 on the open road…The only weak point I have discovered are the models equipped with the “air-ride suspension” The airbags that replace the rear springs don’t last forever like the rest of the car…

Crown Vic, hands down.

As to warranty, they’re basically the same. Keep in mind that warranty is for factory defects in material or workmanship. It does not cover maintenance items, wear parts (brakes, etc), or damage due to abuse or road hazard.

Crown Vic would be my choice if I didn’t need a 7 passenger.

Thanks Guys

Crown Vic, no doubt about it.

Why just these two? If I had to, sure, I’d choose the Crown Vic, but there are plenty of other good cars that will cost the same. The Crown Vic is tough and cheap and easy to repair, but I wouldn’t want to be paying for the gas.

The Crown Vic will outlast just about every other car on the road. It most will last longer than a Ford Fiesta and likely need less repairs along the way. MPG’s heavily favor the Fiesta, but for longevity the Crown Vic is the all time champ.

As far as reliability and durability is concerned, the Crown Vic will be the better choice. If your daughter doesn’t mind lumbering around in a barge that’s as much fun to drive as a bowl of scrambled eggs and half as sexy it will outlast the Fiesta 3 times.

Well, the Fiesta hasn’t been around for 25 years like the current Crown Vic but there’s a reason they were used as fleet vehicles, despite the surprising lack of back seat space.

"“If your daughter doesn’t mind lumbering around in a barge that’s as much fun to drive as a bowl of scrambled eggs and half as sexy it will outlast the Fiesta 3 times.”"
Well i call it fun when you have a comgortable ride, lots of room, much safer, longer life, more power and speed, and more. That’s the Crown Vic or Mercury Marquis.

Don’t buy an aftermarket warranty if that’s what you meant. Too many are worthless.

@EllyEllis: I can personally attest to the comfort, durability, reliability, value, and trunk room of these cars having owned 2 Crown Vics and currently driving a Town Car. But fun? Power? I can’t think of many cars that dull the fun factor of driving as much as these. A newer Charger with a 300hp Hemi, a Camaro or Mustang, even a mid-90’s T-bird would be more “fun.”

I’ve got to disable the Traction Control to even lay a patch of rubber in the Town Car. What fun is that? :slight_smile:

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