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2011 Ford Fiesta

Thank you all who responded to my question. After much thought and debate, I have decided to go against the pick up truck idea. I am close to the point where I will be keeping my Fiesta, but one of the dealers I visited called to tell me about a 2006 Honda Accord that has 60,000 miles on it. I test drove it and I love it but I want everyones opinion. I will still be losing some money, but it wont be drastic compared to a truck.

The one thing holding me back is this: My payments will only increase $30 a month. BUT the Accord has 60 k miles, which means it will soon need general and regular maintance. My Ford only has 8,500 and is brand new. Knock on wood, hopefully I can get another 50,000 (3-4 years) of free maintance care (besides oil changes and tire rotation).

So what would be the best choice. I could afford the Accord but it would be stretching my budget a tad bit.

Thank You For all the help.

You really can’t know how the Accord has been maintained and treated. I’d pass on it.

Accords are GREAT cars…but you have a brand new car…Unless you’re having problems with the Fiesta…it doesn’t make much sense to trade it in on a car that has 60k miles.

4 cyl or V6 Accord? Does the 2006 Accord have a timing belt or a timing chain? If it has a belt, it’s not cheap to have it changed by 100,000 miles.

You’ll get better MPGs from the Fiesta.

Please refresh my memory. Why were you considering trading in the Fiesta again?

i like the Fiesta, but do not love it. It is a suitable car for my lifestyle. I think I was curious about trading it in for a car that I love, but I am not a car freak where I need a certain car. As long as it gets from point a to point b, with good gas mileage, and is reliable, than i am ok.

I think I am sticking with the Fiesta.