2011 Chrysler Town & Country - Brake warning

Frequently brake light shows on dash. picture of engine shows all the time Had engine light worked on returned all the time. Brake light shows often.

You need to find a better mechanic, one that will read the codes causing the CEL. Expect to pay for the diagnosis, more economical in the long run than using a mechanic that guesses.
Brake system must be addressed.
With a Chrysler might be the TIPM causing the problems.


Good advice above. Mechanics don’t generally work on a check-engine light; instead their work is to figure out what is causing it to light, starting by reading out all the diagnostic codes from the car’s computer memory. Suggest when picking up the car after they say they’re done, before driving away from the shop make sure the light turns on with key in “on” before starting the engine. Then make sure it turns off quickly after starting the engine. If it doesn’t, the shop hasn’t fixed the problem yet. If that all tests out, but in a few days later it turns back on again, same thing, shop hasn’t fixed the problem yet. That can happen if the shop simply erases the code. It takes several drive cycles for the computer to figure out the problem hasn’t been solved. If that occurs it doesn’t imply the shop is doing you a disservice. Turning the light off by clearning a diagnostic code and waiting to see if it turns back on again can be helpful towards the eventual diagnosis. Remember that movie 2001 A Space Odyssey? That same technique was used to diagnose a problem with one of the antenna’s. .