Warning Brake Light Comes On in Dash

I have a 2015 Chrysler Town and Country. When I stop the light doesn’t come on. It comes on if I press the brake for a long time, like at a long traffic light or a long line in the drive thru. The light does not come back on after I turn off the car. I can drive without the light coming on as long as I don’t have to press the brake for a long period of time. I also was able to recreated it by turning the car on in the garage and just holding the brake down for a while and the brake light came on.

What could cause this problem?

The light is usually telling you to check the brake fluid level because it is low. When you brake, you use up some of the fluid in the reservoir and that may be what triggers the light. You could also have a faulty sending unit if the fluid level is ok. The switch though is usually a part of the master brake cylinder though and you have to replace the whole thing. But check the fluid level to see if it’s low.


We checked the fluid and it is near max. What does a faulty sending unit do?

@Bing is more likely to be right about the sending unit, but try having someone release the parking brake and make sure the parking brake is fully disengaged. The red light is supposed to come on when the park brake is applied. Unless you have electric parking brake.

Does the brake pedal slowly move to the floor when pressed for a long time? If you release the pedal for a moment does it come up a bit? If so your master cylinder may be leaking internally.

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Here is a link to your owner’s manual. Note that the brake light can indicate a number of problems, including the brake booster and the ABS system.

Have no idea what a ’ break light ’ is but you have a Brake problem so put this thing in the shop before you run into the back of someone . Since you are on the web that tells me that you can’t fix this yourself.

No the pedal does not go to the floor when I hold it for a long time. It stays at the same spot.