2011 Chevrolet Tahoe - Wrong fuel, please help

I put five gallon of diesel in my 2011 tahoe.what should I do now I have not crank it.

1st of all how??? Diesel nozzles are wider than gasoline nozzles, which means a diesel nozzle won’t fit into your gasoline vehicle’s tank

Anyway, DO NOT start it or turn the key to run, have it towed to a shop that will handle the problem…

If you turned the key to the run position then you have already primed the pump and it has pumped fuel to the injector rail (basically)… The shop should know what all to do, it may not be a cheap fix…


This the first diesel in gas tank post for how long? I also am curious as to how it was done unless it was BP station.

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A few pumps in agricultural areas in Calif sport gasoline-sized nozzles for their diesel. Not sure why, maybe needed for some older farm equipment. A BMW owning friend made this same mistake while driving in one of those areas. I expect many car owners don’t understand the difference between gasoline and diesel fuel. Hopefully OP will clarify how it happened for the curious amongst us, but prior posts here demo that even if the nozzle is too big to fit, an intrepid owner is easily able to pump the tank full of diesel.

As far as what to do, DVM above offers excellent advice. Esp to not start the engine until all the diesel fuel is eliminated from the tank and fuel system.