2011 Chevrolet HHR - why two batteries?

why does it have 2 batteries

The online sellers only show 1 battery for your 2011 HHR . How about telling where each battery is . Did you just buy this thing and are they both regular 12 volt batteries ? Are you in a really cold climate where someone may have needed the extra cranking power.

You really need to give more info to get a decent amount of replies.

Mr. Barky may have the answer .

I do not believe it does, you may be looking at jumping terminals under the hood.

The battery’s by the spare in the back, jump terminal under the hood.

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… and by perusing the Owner’s Manual, the OP can see exactly where those terminals are located.
I have to wonder whether he has looked at the Owner’s Manual.

The OP may be referring to a small OnStar battery that is mounted in the trunk like was in my 2007 Chevy Impala.

Pictures please.

Owners manual :question: You are kidding, right :question:

I’m not wondering at all. :grin:

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From what I can determine what looks like a battery under the hood is actually a fuse box, according to HHR owner’s on the forum. Even a chevy dealer has posted that there’s only one battery on these and it’s in the spare tire well.


Yeah, that box on the right could be confused with a battery:

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