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2011 Buick Lacrosse

Changed battery in car. Started car then it quit. Run for 15secs. Now No power at all. Key will not remove can’t shift car to move. Didn’t use a bypass power source when changing the battery. Checked all fuses relays cables. Some articles say PCM units may go to sleep?? Is their any way to reset the system and get it running again. Car is nose first in garage unable to move.

When somebody comes here with problems after a dead/disconnected battery, I always refer them to this site.


Thanks but I already tried this site which leads me to believe that the cars is in sleep mode for some unknown reason and I was hoping someone has had the same problem and had some luck in fixing this problem…


You messed with the battery cable when you replaced the battery.

So, the problem might be with the cable?

I mean, it’s not an unknown problem with GM vehicles if you read the description for a replacement cable.