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2011 Buick LaCrosse chimes for no reason

warning chime goes off for no reason

I have a fan in my living room that will start oscillating for no reason.

My smoke detector goes off when dinner is ready.

Smart aleck’s are looking for more info. Which chime ( seat belt, lights on etc). Are any dash lights on. Oh, and my wife chimes in unexpectedly. Can’t figure out how to turn it off.


That reminds me @It_s_Me

I didn’t shovel out the fire hydrant from the last snow and my wifes cooking tonight.


We were 800 miles away and the neighbor called saying out smoke detectors were going off, then the CO detector was alarming. No fire but wanted to call the fire department to check for CO. Sheesh. They were only 5 years old but just bought 7 new ones. CO never registered above 0. I guess you should blow them out once a year. I put it on the calendar for 2020.

My seatbelt chime occasionally goes off when I have too much stuff on the passenger seat on my 2013 Equinox.

Ed B.

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My guess is a seatbelt or door switch problem. Look at the dashboard when this is happening OP, there may be icon’s there to give you a clue which system is causing it. Be especially sure to look at the coolant temperature gauge, b/c it may be telling you the engine is overheating. Good idea to check the oil dipstick too.