2011 Audi A6 3.0T Repair Manual


Hi everyone. I just bought a 2011 Audi A6 3.0T recently (that I believe is the C6 platform) and am looking to get a repair manual for it so i’ll know what the heck i’m dealing with.

From what i’ve found, it seems like either maybe factory-manuals.com might have it, or erwin.audi.com will have it. Though I have tried yet because i want to make sure those are legitimate or the best ones to get.

Anyone have any other thoughts or recommendations on a manual?

Ebay is your friend:

I checked there as well before. There’s nothing there for the 2011 A6, let alone the ones that are I’ve heard are sketchy PDF versions that are badly put together

A subscription to Mitchell online repair manuals is a pretty good bet.


Just a thought. you can check out your local Library. they usually have repair manuals. not sure if they will let you take them out. my Library also has ALLDATA on their computers that you can use.

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Can you download the manuals? Or no and you have to have the subscription in order to view them?

No, you can’t download the manuals. But it IS always up to date and very comprehensive. If you want to print off the basics, you can sign up for a year and then re-sign as you need to.

I’d also recommend you buy OBDEleven. This is an OBD2 app (very VAG specific) for your phone/tablet and a special bluetooth dongle that allows you to reset service reminders, check error codes, read real time data AND do service procedures like retract the electric parking brakes (if your '11 has them) to allow you to change the rear brake pads… and YES you NEED to do this if you want to change pads!

11 year old Audi, gonna be hard to find a paper copy of the manual. So a downloaded pdf or one on CD ROM is probably the best you can do.