2010 Toyota Prius - Ignition coil

car needs ignition coil replacement. Car does not start ,i had a diagnostic test done.

How old is the 12V battery? If it’s bad, the engine won’t start, it won’t turn over. Are you saying the engine turns over, but won’t start? In that case, then it sounds like you have a result from the test. What else do you need to know?

Then replace the ignition coil.


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I own a similar vintage Corolla and failing ignition coils are a common problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if it affected Prius as well. But I think there may be more going on because one bad coil shouldn’t prevent the car from starting. It would run badly but it should start. Assuming the check engine light has come on, have the code or codes scanned.

The Coil has been used on the Corolla from 2009-2017 and was also used on the 2010-2015 Prius among others

Thanks for the confirmation. It seemed like a reasonable possibility.

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