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2013 Toyota Prius dash lights turn on, engine does not

Dash light turn on but engine does not turn on

Then you have a problem with you car that we cannot diagnose with so little information. Have it towed to a well rated independent shop.

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The problem could be as simple as a dead 12-volt battery, or as complex as… God only knows…

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Many problems like this are simply caused by faulty battery connections or a discharged battery. Make sure those things are good first. Clean the battery connections. Once those things are proven okay then check the safety switch for the starter. Place the shifter in Neutral and see if that gets the starter going. If that works then the starter safety switch circuit needs to be checked out.

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I will try that . Thanks

How old is the 12 volt battery?

7 years old

Few are still reliable at that age. Most have already been replaced. A new fully charged 12V battery firmly attached to clean terminals is probably all that’s needed to get you going.

That is not exactly… youthful. Even if the current problem turns out to be something other than the battery, you really need to replace the battery in the near future.

Yep, all kinds of odd behavior on a Prius with an old/weak battery. I’d replace it, regardless.