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2010 Toyota Corolla Maint Reqd light

Now that I have changed my oil on the new car for the first time, how do I reset the “maint reqd” light. I attempted to hold the odometer button while turning on the ignition. That doen’t work. I attempted to pull the neg cable off the battery for a few minutes. That doesn’t work.

This type of question is best answered by 1) your ownnership manual, or 2) the dealer’s maintenance tech. Since each car is slightly different, and most of us do not have 2010 Corollas (mine is a 2007 without this feature) you will understand my answer.

I did not know how to preset the door locks on my Corolla, and the dealer’s tech happily showed me how. The manual was not clear enough on how long to hold down the buttons.

The odometer must be in the total miles mode, not in one of the trip meter modes. Have you verified this?

Well, It only took me about 20 minutes of serching out some anwsers on the web. Many of the responses said to turn the ignition on, set oddometer to the actual milage, turn off, then on to acc again to reset. However…
On my 2010 corolla, I found out that you have to set the odometer to trip A, then off, hold down odometer button while turning key over to acc again to reset the Maint Reqd light.
It’s what they don’t put in the owner’s manual that you can always find on the web…

Awesome advice. It must be on Trip A my 2010 Camry is same way with Maint Recq light

My 4Runner requires it to be on the odometer, not trip A or B. But that’s good to know for others.


On my 2005 Camry has to be on ODO too. I think most forums online say trip A. The manual was correct in my case, but it does have errors.

gotta love new technology. If you have a problem with it, find a 12 year old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Surprised they didn’t want you to lay out chicken bones in a circle or pentagram around the car then, while holding a sacrificed pig in your right hand, splash it’s blood onto the chicken bones with your left while dancing the Empirical god Methesdalurala dance during the 2nd blue moon on the 5th sunday of the month

Bscar. I think Honda stole the maintenance minder and the resetting technique from your chicken bones ritual. Next time at least make them pay you loyalty fees.

As per my usual curious mode, you state you have changed the oil for the first time on your new car so this would bring up the questions of how long have you owned the car and how many miles are on the car?

Did anyone notice the original question was posted over a year ago?

Hopefully, the oil has been changed at least a couple times since then.