2010 Toyota Corolla 59 k kilometers - clutch noise

I recently bought this car pre-owned by the dealership. I am having it inspected again next week on the Monday.

The car makes a continuous squeaky noise like metal rubbing together when the clutch pedal is not being pressed. The sound stops when pressing the clutch pedal. I opened the hood of my car while the engine was running and found that the part responsible for the noise, but I do not know what this is and wanted to be a little more educated before putting money down on a problem that i can’t understand. The sound is heavier when the car speeds up or on high revs. It seems the piece in the picture is rattling.

Could you explain this part and what my options are to mitigate the problem?

That’s the clutch arm. When you step on the clutch pedal, it pivots and disengages the clutch. There may be a return spring missing, so the arm is not retracted all the way allowing the throw-out bearing to touch the clutch fingers making the arm rattle…A simple fix…

Try putting some grease or Vaseline between the tip of the slave cylinder rod and the clutch arm where they touch.