2010 Toyota Avalon - SatRad issue

I changed my car battery and now I have no satellite radio.
I’ve tried pushing every button in every combination and nothing has worked.

Does your 2010 Toyota Avalon Owner Manual address this?

Did you maintain some electric power while changing the battery?

Have you contacted the friendly Toyota dealer Service Department?
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Many cars’ radios have an anti-theft feature: if you remove it from 12 volts power, it goes to sleep. You enter a numerical code into it after hooking it back to power. The code is specific to the car’s serial number and its factory radio. The code came with the paperwork when the car was new. Dealers can look it up, and may charge for it.

I always write this code in the back of the owners manual so it’s there in the car if I need it. Also in the file folder I keep for each car.