Battery or not?

I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon. Sometimes it cranks, sometimes it doesn’t. I took it to two separate places and had it checked and they both said the battery and alternator are fine. What are my other options?

 Try removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure.

Just curious – when it doesn’t crank, what do you do
to get it to start?

How old’s the battery? If it’s more than a few years old, I’d just replace it. For one, it’s the cheapest alternative, and two, in my experience, it’s always been the battery.

Along with cleaning the battery connections try starting the engine with the shifter in Neutral when the trouble happens again. If that works then check the Neutral safety switch for a intermittent problem. It may just need adjustment.

I jump it off and it cranks immediately.

I’m not sure how old the battery is. I bought it a year ago used.