Noisy heat shield?

Within the past month, I have noticed some loud “rattling” when I am accelerating (2500-3000rpm). As I manipulate the gas pedal, the noise will come and go.

After reading some articles I believe I may have a loose heat shield.

Is it reasonable to put a clamp on this to make it stop or is it truly safe to remove it, pending I don’t park on dry grass?

Being uneducated about many parts of my car, it would be helpful if someone could post a link to a diagram of where and what this shield looks like? I have a 1993 Camry SE. Thanks for your feedback. Scott

It sounds like a rattling heat shield. Sometimes just bending the shield slightly will stop the noise. Other times one or more is loose and need to be tightened.

Removing them is not a good idea. The heat shields protect the underside of the car (and the flammable interior materials above it) from extreme heat. Removing the heat shields can lead to problems and potentially fire. Not good.

Having the car on a lift is the easiest way to figure out which heat shield is loose and making noise. Don’t remove it, fix it.

The heat shield often has two sides, like a clamshell. It protects both what you park over as well as the underside of the car. Hard to have one half without the other. Factor in that you will probably not be the last owner of this car or be able to regulate with absolute certainty that it will never be parked over combustable materials. Out of sight, out of mind. Fix it properly.

If the heat shield is not loose, you may find that the internal honeycomb has disintegrated and that is the source of the rattle. Eliminate all possible external sources of rattle before considering this possibility.

Well if possible it would be best to secure it in place so it can continue to do its job.

Dry grass is one reason for heat shields, but they also protect the underside of your car. Removing the wrong heat shield can result in overheating the bottom of your car to the extend you start damaging floor mats.

If you are not sure, I would not suggest removing any.  Bending them clamping them or replacing them is the better and safer idea.


If you want to learn more about the parts of your car, where they are, and how they interact with one another, I suggest you purchase a Haynes service manual.

You can find one in a book store, an auto parts store, or online. They are not expensive, and provide a wealth of information for car owners, whether or not you work on the vehicle yourself.

I originally thought the idea of removing the heat shield entirely was poor. I have considered purchasing a manual and this is just another reason to follow through.
I am in need of an oil change/inspection etc in the near future. If I have the shop look at the shield, and let’s say worse case scenario it has to be replaced, what is a reasonable estimate to complete the work?
Thanks for the advice.