2010 Nissan Murano - Wipers come on for no reason

For years I’ve complained to Nissan that all of a sudden when I turn the steering wheel the windshield wipers go on. It’s gotten progressively worse. Now the radio volume goes up to high and scares the you-know-what out of me. Now without any warning, I park the car, turn the engine off and then the car won’t start, I can’t push the brake in like you normally do when you push the start button but when I push the button I hear a rat-a-tat-tat noise, lights go on but engine won’t start. Does not sound like it does when the battery dies. Took it to Nissan, they say the battery is just fine. They are clueless. Last night I went to pick someone up; parked the car; turned the engine off; then put it in position to listen to the music for 5 minutes. Went to start the car, engine wouldn’t start but every darn electrical item turned on - windshield wipers, (which weren’t on at all yesterday), lights, radio (which was on as I said. Someone had jumper cables and the car started immediately. Got up this morning and it started normally. Nissan insists “it could be anything”. A friend says it may be the alternator, Nissan says no. My gut says it’s a huge electrical problem and Nissan says it could cost thousands to try and find it and there’s no guarantee.

You may be looking at a bad BCM.



A bad clock spring in the hub of the steering wheel is another possibility.

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