2010 Lexus RX 350 - Lift gate issues

Newish battery, back lift gate won’t open sometimes. Unhooked battery and restarted and worked. Happened again. Car Wouldn’t start got AAA. Since this jump from AAA electronics panel is acting up! One side of vents would heat up other side blew cold. After start up the full button panel for radio, heat, air etc would take 3 mins to come to n.

That’s an indication the BCM may be failing.


After connecting the battery and switching on the ignition there will be a “Loading…” message displayed for 60-90 seconds before the A/C, navigation and audio system are ready, this is normal.

If the A/C is still malfunctioning, there should be a fault stored in the A/C amplifier, not the body controller.

Weak liftgate supports are the most common cause of the power liftgate malfunction. Normally after connecting the battery the liftgate must be opened manually to “initialize” the power back door computer.