2010 Honda Civic Cpe - How to have a roof painted?

This car was recalled few years ago and now the roof only is look dull and definitely needs a new paint job. When recalled I took it in as paint problems became visible, only to have a section, e.g., hood, quarter, etc., repainted. How do I go about getting roof painted. I have no other complaints about the car; this is why I still own it.

The only current recalls are for air bags. Your best bet is to get a few estimates from local body shops and have it repainted at your own expense.

Just call the dealer that did the Paint correction and ask them if there is any thing that can be done this time . They might say No or give some assistance.

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Agree, just talk to the body shop about it. When Abbra did some repair work, I’m pretty sure I got a very long term warranty on the paint. Maybe all it needs is polishing though.