2010 honda accord burns a quart or more oil

I have a honda accord 2010 v4 motor and burns oil. I was told by Honda dealer it is normal for these type of cars. I never owned a car that I have to add oil after 2K miles in a oil change. Valves tap Can someone help me on how to get this fixed

Honda 2010 I4 burns oil

How many miles on it? What type of driving, highway, city, delivery service?

I HAVE 110k MILES Travel 80 k a day all highway miles. They tell me because this type of motor runs hot and burns oil

1000 miles per quart is often considered normal on newer cars these days. The manufactures are trying to boost mpg, and more oil consumption often comes from this compromise. The solution is to frequently check the oil and top off when necessary.

I hear you though. It’s a valid complain. For comparison, y early 90’s Corolla uses half a quart in 5000 miles, but it probably doesn’t get as good of mpg as yours. I use 10-30W oil. YOu probably use something like 5-20. Thinner oil gets through the small passages faster.

Make sure you are using a good name brand oil and the exact oil spec as the owner’s manual says. The valve tapping might mean the valves need adjustment. Not likely to do with the oil consumption.

One quart every 2k miles, highway driving, 110k miles, I’d say that it is more likely leaking oil rather than burning it. At this rate, you may not see any oil on the ground in its regular parking space.

A little ticking of the valves is a good sign, the valve lash may be a little loose, which won’t hurt anything. If its too tight, it won’t make any noise but can and often does burn the valves. You are due or maybe a little overdue to have the valve lash inspected and adjusted, check the maintenance schedule in your owners manual.

A valve lash adjustment will usually also mean replacing the valve cover gasket, and that may cure the leak, or at least slow it down. At 2k per quart, I would not worry about it too much, the cost of the cure can greatly outweigh the cost of the oil. If it turns out to be a low cost repair, do it, otherwise just keep an eye on the oil level.

1000 miles per quart is often considered normal on newer cars these days. The manufactures are trying to boost mpg, and more oil consumption often comes from this compromise.

I’ve never owned a vehicle that ever came close to burning 1qt every 1k miles. Even my new Highlander where I use the suggested 0w-20. About 1pt every 5k miles.

The 1k bull the manufactures tell their customers is to cover butt. Engines should NOT be burning that much oil.

I did notice the OP said there was 110k miles on engine. Have you been keeping up with maintenance? Did car start burning 1qt just recently, or since you bought it? Have you checked for leaks?

Was the engine broken in properly, with varying engine speeds?
Or did it get put right on the highway at steady speed?
The rings may never have been properly seated.

1 qt every 2000 miles on a four year old commutermobile is perfectly normal and healthy. Any amount less than a qt every 1000 miles is considered acceptable, and if it’s a high mileage engine decent. Some engines will use a bit more, some less, some almost none, but that does not make yours bad. You’re worrying for no reason.

The valve lash should probably be adjusted. That is not a major problem.

Going to extremes to try to correct something that is not a problem, like a qt of oil used every 2000 miles, can only lead to unnecessary expense and frustration. Unless there are other symptoms too, keep monitoring the level, add when it needs a quart, and drive on.

If it’s burning a quart of oil every 2000 miles, there is nothing to fix…Yes, some cars burn less and others burn more but your rate of oil consumption is well within the normal range…

How often do you change your oil? What brand and grade do you use?

I’m curious about the type of oil you use and how often you change it.

I agree that the OP is worried about something that is not really unusual with many newer cars and that is not readily fixable–unless he wants to spend a huge amount of money. Just check the oil at least once a week in order to maintain it at the “full mark”, and be sure to change the oil (using the correct spec oil) at the interval specified by Honda.

And, of course, driving “80k a day” is going to take its toll on any car.


If I found no leaks, I would just monitor it, top it off every 1k mile and keep driving till I traded it.

Sounds like something is wrong, maybe a bad break-in period when new, who knows. But I wouldn’t put up with a new Honda using a quart between oil changes, I would tell whoever I sell/trade it to though. A temporary fix would be to use heavier weight oil, you are probably using 5W20, maybe going 10W40 would help, however you should be careful with heavier weight oil, let it circulate for a minute upon start-up, it will take longer to get through the engine. My old Accord worked better for me with 20W50 after 300,000 miles, used that until I retired her at almost 600,000. The heavier oil stopped minor leaks and reduced the usage to almost nothing between oil changes. I still used less than you are (after 585,000 miles), something is wrong with your Honda. Rocketman

Your car uses 5w-20. I would switch to 5w-30. The thinner oil is to improve mpg. A little thicker oil will make it harder to blow by the rings.

I would use the,oil specified in the manual. However, you might try a different brand. I had a Ford Maverick that used 1quart every 1000 miles with Sunoco oi. I bought Valvoline on sale and it would go 1300 miles,on a quart. On the other hand, I had an Olds Cutlass, that I drove 240,000 miles,and I never added oil between changes and I used whatecer brand was on sale.

Is this one of the cases where Marvel Mystery Oil offers some hope?

Hope? Hope of what exactly?
IMHO there is no problem to address. There are those who get antsy over a quart every 2000 miles, but it’s normal. I would ask them “if the car were yours, would you tear the engine apart over a quart every 2000 miles?” My guess is that very few would. I’ve had numerous cars over the last 45 years, and the amount of oil they used varied. It’s perfectly normal. That’s why the designers give us dipsticks.

I don’t recommend Marvel Mystery oil or any other snake oil. I recommend simply monitoring the level, adding a quart when needed, and opening the window enjoying the recent sunshine.

I agree @same‌
It isn’t “new”. It’s 5 years old with over 100k miles. Monitor it for leaks for it for the next 50k miles and decide if it’s increasing. They need not do anything now. I would give a second thought to “snake oil”.

"I wouldn't put up with a new Honda using a quart between oil changes,"

The OP’s car is 4 years old, with over 100k miles on the odometer.
While this car has many more good years left in it, it is definitely not “new”.

It is very possible that it was “babied” during break-in, rather than driving it correctly, but I believe that anyone who would spend the big bucks necessary to tear down the engine in order to avoid buying a qt of oil every 2k miles is not thinking in a cost-effective manner.