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2010 GMC Terrain - is new timing chain really necessary?

Timing chain replacement on 2010 GMC Terrain 2.4L engine
is it absolutely necessary. It’s cost $2,500
Why does GM cover the smaller engine but not this one which is creaky a manufacturing problem

Why do you need to change it? Is there a problem with the timing chain?
There was only 2 reported problems on about broken or stretched timing chain.

If you want the engine to run and not randomly self destruct… yeah, you need a good timing chain.

Parts and labor breakdown please?
Your motor is running? Noisy?

What are the symptoms that led to this recommendation? Does the engine have to come out for this work to be done? The price quote seems way, way too high.

The car is 9 years old with an unspecified number of miles.So; how many miles on it?

Timing chains usually wear due to not changing the motor oil often enough and/or running the motor oil chronically low.
So; how often do you change the oil both as to miles and time and how often do you raise the hood to check the oil level?

Once a chain is worn this generally means the rest of the engine has some wear also.

This is the timing chain set for your vehicle.

Do you think anything might go wrong?