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2014 GMC Terrain - Timing Chain Broke

2014 GMC Terrain broken timing chain at 60,000 miles.

Well that stinks! What is your question?

Lemme guess, oil starvation caused it?

My granddaughter’s car she bought used, mechanic doesn’t know what caused it, but said GMC Terrain 4 cylinders had so many timing chains break that the manufacturer extended the warranty to 100,000 0r 120,000 miles. She checked with the dealer but the dealer wouldn’t cover it because my grandson-in-law changed the oil himself and even though he reset the oil mileage each time, he did not keep the receipts for the oil and filter purchases. I’m getting ready to take the fight to GMC Corporate but wanted to get more info from other Terrain owners.

I hope you’re able to get GMC to help, but unfortunately without proof of the oil changes, I think you’ll have an uphill climb getting them to help you.

Timing chain problems are generally caused by an insufficient oil change regimen or by allowing the motor oil to run chronically low.
So should it be asked how often the oil was changed and how often if ever the hood was raised to check the oil level…both rhetorical questions.

In addition to not having proof of the oil change services, did your son in law use the correct oil? The car requires, and the oil cap clearly states, that the oil used in that engine is Dexos. Just using standard 5W30 will not meet warranty requirements and may cause engine damage.

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When the pistons and rings were replaced on my 2013 Equinox for excessive oil consumption at 42k miles the engine had to be torn down a second time to replace a stretched timing chain. This was after 4.5 to 5k oil change intervals with Dexos rated oil and checking and maintaining the oil level.

If the Terrain was not maintained properly by the original owner then your daughter may have damaged goods from the start.

Ed B.