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2010 GMC Terrain - Door locks shut off engine

My 2010 GMC Terrian has started something new. While driving the door unlock/lock causing the engine to rev up and down. I ran the scanner on it and no error codes come up at all. It seems to cut the engine off! If I hit the gas it will rev up until the engine kicks back in…Anyone know what could be causing this situation?

You may have a short circuit in the electric door lock wiring. Inspect carefully where the wire harness exits the door and goes into the car’s body in the driver’s door hinge area, looking for chaffed wire insulation. Are you able to tell which doors are locking/unlocking when this happens?

Could possibly be a failing Body Control Module.

Does not sound fun, good luck.

This implies that you are locking and unlocking the doors while the vehicle is in motion, seems unnecessary.

However I believe the doors unlocking is just a response to the ignition shutting off. Focus on the engine problem, not the door locks. Could be something as simple as corroded battery terminals.