Electrical short!

I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe , the doors keep locking and unlocking . The abs and brake lights come on and stay on . When the doors act up the engine light comes on . The best is it’ll stall out . Doesn’t happen every time , but 99%

First thing probably is to carefully inspect any wiring going through the door jam area (from the car to the door interior) for nicks or breaks in the insulation. All four doors. Opening and closing the door can stress the wiring over time. Driver door would be the most likely spot for this to happen, as that is the most used of the 4 doors.

If the check engine or “service engine soon” light is coming on, I’d start by reading the stored trouble code and posting it here. Also, check/clean your battery terminal connections. A poor connection at either end of the battery cable can wreak havoc with your car’s electronic systems, which need a steady voltage with minimal electrical interference to function properly and make sense of the sensor inputs.

This is kind of a strange one. My first guess is there could be a problem with the alternator and it is causing excessive AC ripple in the electrical system. To see if that is the case you could remove the rear connector to the alternator which will disable it and the see if the trouble still happens. This will cause the battery warning light to turn on but it will stop the trouble you are having if the alternator is the cause of the trouble. Removing the fuse for the alternator might do the same thing also but I don’t know the circuit well enough if that will cut off other vital power for the engine to stay running or not

I’ll try it thank you

Don’t forget to clean your battery posts and all ground connections. Any interruption of either power or ground will make the computers go haywire.